Healthcare Solution Refactor

Healthcare Solution Refactor

The Team

2 Project Manager
13 Software Engineers
1 Business Analyst
9 Quality Control Experts
2 Quality Assurance Specialist
1 Regulatory Expert


Project management
Software development
Software testing
Quality assurance
Regulatory Submission


Angular JS
JSP pages
Bamboo, Stash
Jasper Reports

The project involved a complete rewrite of an existing fat client healthcare solution to migrate it to a state-of-the-art web-based architecture. 

What we wanted to achieve?

The main goal was to recreate the functionalities of its successful predecessor using cutting-edge web technologies. Working with the Client and their customers, we reviewed all the functionalities of the old version of the solution. After that, we identified those that were still valuable and useful for users. We discarded unused functionalities while adding new ones and fine tuning existing ones. We did this based on changing work practices in the healthcare industry.  

Our team helped the Client break-up the scope of the re-work into several projects/releases in order to maximize the speed to the market and minimize efforts required to secure regulatory approval. During these releases we were involved in planning project scope and managing the full lifecycle of these projects. We designed its architecture using the latest technologies taking into consideration user needs and performance requirements. We implemented and tested all functionalities; created all required project and product documentation. We also analyzed hazards associated with its use and designed functionalities to mitigate those hazards. 

Regulatory clearance in less than 90 days for healthcare solution

At the end of the development, we took part and assisted in executing the beta testing at the customer site. We also prepared all the documentation required for regulatory approval. We are proud that, despite the size of the solution, we secured regulatory clearance less than 90 days after submission for review. 

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22 September 2021


Quality Assurance , Device Testing, Documentation, Regulatory , Software Dev.
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