The beginning

In 2020, GPI’s subsidiary - Hemasoft - acquired a vast array of hematology solutions from Haemonetics Corporation as part of their strategic initiative to increase GPI’s market share in the Blood Bank and Transfusion sector. After the acquisition, GPI USA asked IronRooster to be their business partner to support them in achieving their goals with these solutions.

The early days

We began our collaboration with GPI USA by laying down the fundamentals of development (methodology, tools, quality management system, etc.). The IronRooster team helped GPI USA apply agile methodologies: SCRUM framework for the development and KANBAN for the Tier 3 support. We kept Jira, Confluence and Git/BitBucket as tools while also introducing new ones like SharePoint as Download Center (DLC) and migrated the client’s server park to Amazon Web Services.

Tech Stack

We have a very diverse tech stack which includes .NET, Java (Struts, Swing, Spring), Angular, Adobe ColdFusion as programming languages; Oracle and MS SQL as Relational Database Management System (RDMS).

The software portfolio

Currently we are working on eight applications from their portfolio:

  • A web-based software solution developed according to international standards tht enables the administration of the full journey of blood products from the donation stage through the administration of the transfusion.  

The solution was designed to meet the requirements of the more than 50 different countries where it is in use. 

The innovative technologies, user-friendliness, extreme scalability and modular structure of this advanced hematology software reflects Hemasoft’s continued investment in patients.


  • Web-based solution that does not depend on devices
  • Cost efficiency through optimized processes and low licensing fees
  • Statistics, reporting, and dashboards to improve efficiency
  • Single source from vein-to-vein
  • A Laboratory Information System (LIS) for managing all analytical tests carried out in any clinical laboratory including bacteriological and serological tests. The system includes process modules for managing patient administration, laboratory tests, patient reports, activity reports, statistics, and invoicing. It offers online connectivity with multiple analyzers or instruments and the ability to integrate with Hospital Information Systems and other systems. The LIS offers specific functionality for various laboratory activities including hematology, biochemistry, microbiology and immunology.

The LIS is a customizable, reliable and secure web-based solution geared to meet both the clinical and business performance needs of laboratories.

  • A blood management software system designed by blood bankers to help donation centers manage their collection safely, maintain compliance, and improve efficiency. This system was developed to support the integrated data processing requirements of both small and large centers and complex organizations. The system’s modular configuration provides maximum flexibility to meet the site-specific requirements of blood banks.
  • An electronic pre-donation health history questionnaire and physical exam tracking software designed to help donor centers evaluate donor suitability prior to drawing blood products. This software allows donation centers to cater to the donors’ individual preferences by letting them self-administer questionnaires whether at home or onsite. The intuitive displays, audio and text input in multiple languages, and graphics facilitate the understanding of questions and allow donors to proceed through the health history process at their own pace. The software also maintains multiple questionnaires for different types of donations and supports customized questions and/or questionnaires reflecting the procedures of various donation sites.
  • A complete web-based donor recruitment software solution that allows blood centers to successfully implement their recruiting strategy easily and efficiently. The suite of products and services offers the latest recruitment tools, including online donor scheduling, real-time integration with blood drive management, a comprehensive loyalty program for donors and chairpersons, interaction with social media, and a built-in version of the site for mobile devices.
  • An integrated recruitment and staff scheduling solution. This powerful software tool is designed to help blood centers manage, measure, and organize efficient blood drives in real time.
  • A flexible laboratory software system designed to help facilities efficiently collect and manage test results for the blood-derived products of a variety of clients. The software can collect information from most test instruments and provide configurable decision-making logic to support unique laboratory workflows. Test results can be shared with customers through a variety of methods including email or over a network to increase operational efficiency.
  • A comprehensive software package that helps manage the information system needs of blood banks.  The solution is designed to help meet the following business needs:

  • Donor recruitment
  • Donor management
  • Laboratory
  • Inventory/Distribution
  • Billing
  • Patient special procedures

The solution maintains a complete test and donation history for each donor and tracks donor products from donation to their final disposition.  The solution’s functions were designed to prioritize blood component safety and audit tracking and meets the following industry standards:

  • AABB Standards
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Memoranda to Blood Establishments
  • ISBT 128 and ABC Codabar support

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12 July 2022


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