Healthcare Therapy Management

Healthcare Therapy Management

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The engagement involves the ongoing testing of a comprehensive solution for healthcare therapy management. It is available in both the U.S. and in European markets.

IronRooster’s role in the process

The IronRooster team is responsible for testing both the hardware and software of the client’s devices. These products support the healthcare therapy decision-making process. The team tests medical devices under simulated conditions using potentially biohazardous materials. For this reason, IronRooster established a laboratory at our main office. We drew-up appropriate SOPs to ensure the safety of the team and restrict access to the devices and the bio-hazardous materials used for testing.

In addition to conducting hardware tests, the team also develops and tests the web-based software. This software is used for querying and managing data from the devices to help in prediction and healthcare management. The team has already participated in multiple projects and releases aimed at improving the functionality of the solution based on user needs. To this end, IronRooster’s experts help the Client react to the unique requirements of various users for new functionality. IronRooster helps in defining work associated with new releases. We also take into account the regulatory requirements specified by the regulatory authorities. Over the course of multiple releases, the team’s responsibilities have grown to cover the entire software development lifecycle from planning to development and testing of the final versions.

As the solution is available in multiple markets, it must support multiple languages. In addition to the English and European language versions of the solution, the team also tests other language versions (including Russian and Japanese).

Therapy Management Solution in a different way?

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04 November 2022


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