Let’s take a look at some of the best medical and health gadgets in the MedTech world right now. Due to the ongoing pandemic, annual consumer technology trade shows have been a bit different than in previous years. However, that does not mean there has been any less innovation in the MedTech world.

Despite the circumstances, there was still a good deal of medical and health technology announcements. Some devices were even specifically introduced in response to the pandemic. 

With the advent of new technologies, these gadgets can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and mitigate various conditions in ways that would not have been possible in the past. Here’s a round-up of some of the most notable products. 

Morari Medical 

One of the most interesting medical gadgets introduced at CES this year was a Bluetooth enabled, wearable patch developed by Minnesota-based Morari Medical. This patch contains elements that interfere with the nerve signals from the penis to the brain to delay ejaculation. This is the first wearable tech solution aimed to help men perform better in bed. Premature ejaculation is a condition that affects an estimated 30% of men worldwide. It is also one of the most common complaints among couples seeking sexual therapy. In western cultures, as many as 60% of men wish to prolong and improve their sexual performance. 


There are tons of interesting reusable water bottles on the market, but none are like LARQ, the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. LARQ’s patented PureVis UV-C LED technology is the most advanced in the world. This technology allows you to purify your drinking water in 60 seconds. It also incorporates intelligent self-cleaning which activates every two hours. Furthermore, you can press the button on the cap twice to activate “adventure mode”, a more powerful three-minute water purification cycle. This is usually recommended for purifying water that comes from rivers or other non-man-made sources. LARQ is equipped with a battery that can last up to a month. It also contains a plant-based filter that never needs replacing, giving you one less thing to worry about.   

iHealth Smart

iHealth Smart is a state of the art, 510(K) approved and CE certified visual daily diabetes management system. This device measures glucose levels in the blood and then displays them on your smartphone. This innovative and affordable health gadget features a sleek, portable design and is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The accompanying iHealth Gluco-Smart app allows you to keep a history of all your measurements and share them with your doctor. 


In the age of COVID-19, face coverings have become a hot medical gadget and a new fashion trend. Even after the pandemic passes, there is a good chance that face masks will become the new norm for individuals in some countries. AirPop announced a cloth mask called Active+ that monitors your breathing patterns from inside the mask and provides information on air quality outside the mask. 


Another company, Nexvoo, announced a face mask called Breeze. It is a transparent mask with ultra-silent micro fans that circulate and filter air. It also includes a UV light to automatically disinfect the mask while it’s charging. 


Razer, a company mostly known for their gaming products, revealed Project Hazel, the “world’s smartest mask”. Another transparent mask, this device features active ventilation to circulate the air, an auto-sterilization function, and voice amp technology to ensure your voice isn’t muffled when you’re masked up. 

Leman Micro Devices

A “cuffless” system to monitor blood pressure could eventually replace traditional methods. Several companies are now marketing various forms of cuffless blood pressure monitoring devices. This technology has been researched for many years, but it has not found its way into mainstream medical devices yet. Swiss company Leman Micro Devices announced their unique e-Checkup technology, which can be incorporated into a smartphone to measure blood pressure and other vitals. Simply place a finger over the sensor. Using a cuffless system also helps remove “white coat syndrome” – experiencing higher blood pressure readings around doctors, usually from nerves – which affects up to 40% of people. 


If you experience chronic pain in your life, PainPod is meant for you. The biotechnology in every unit combines PainPod’s exclusive frequency treatment formulations, which are proven to precisely block pain messages to the brain. The device also helps the body release Endorphins, reducing the perception of pain. PainPod works by delivering small electrical nerve stimulation pulses through the skin to the nerve endings in the affected area. This closes the gate and blocks pain signals from traveling to the brain. While it is blocking pain, gentle advanced waveform bio-pulses travel through the body’s tissues and muscle groups. This stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, speeding the body’s natural healing or conditioning processes. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this device features a large touch LCD display which offers 24 pre-programmed massage modes. These include Acupuncture Deep Tissue, Cupping, and Combo. 

The Future of MedTech

There are plenty of devices out there that are more gimmick in nature. However, when used correctly, innovative gadgets like these are genuinely good at helping you improve your overall health and well-being. Some can even prevent very serious diseases. Almost all new MedTech gadgets rely on software. As technology evolves, this trend will only continue. If you are developing a device or have an idea for one, but need software to make it happen, IronRooster can help make your idea a reality. Contact us and see what our team can do for you!