Every year, Toronto’s Collision event draws the biggest names in tech, business, sports, and entertainment.

The speaker list really is a “Who’s Who” of these industries, so we were understandably excited to represent IronRooster again at this year’s event (albeit virtually).

Being invested in health technology, we were eager to attend the sessions discussing health-related topics. One of our favorites was “The Future of Health and the Intersection of Technology” by Bret Taylor, Vas Narasimhan, and Alyson Shontell. Another very informative talk we attended was “Tech and Tomorrow’s Doctors” by Dorry Segev, Kathleen Gallo, and Tom Moberly.

In addition to our experience in MedTech, we are also interested in further developing our domain knowledge in general health-related topics. We found a fascinating talk by Esther Dyson and Pam Belluck, titled “Does Modern Society Enable Addiction”, that discussed a very important characteristic of 21st century man.

Aside from the medical track, we are always eager to hone our skills in different areas of the tech field. We attended Michael Ricci’s talk on how to improve CX with conversational messaging, and how top companies drive engagement with 1:1 messaging. We also had the chance to catch the president of Y Combinator’s Geoff Ralston’s pro tips for pitching, including interesting bits like his favorite pitch ever. Naturally, we couldn’t resist checking out a few segments with “celebrities” too, including Ashton Kutcher, Nicole Kidman, and Maria Sharapova.

During breaks we enjoyed “mingling” on the conference app. Hundreds of companies and thousands of people attended the event, so we definitely found plenty of networking opportunities. We are hoping to continue those interesting discussions even though, sadly, we’re not on Collision time anymore.

Collision 2022 is already added to our calendars – hopefully in person next time!