Imagine looking up at Mount Whitney from the valley below. The climb to reach the summit is steep and long. This journey is much like the trajectory of a business – a long and winding path to success.

However, there are times when conditions are favorable and a tailwind will propel you faster. For digital health apps, this tailwind is COVID-19. In 2019, many apps were still in the valley with only 11% of patients using telehealth apps. COVID-19 has since propelled many to the summit. Currently, 76% of patients now rely on them.

IronRooster has been a trusted partner for many companies in developing their digital health applications. Over the years, we have helped our clients through tried and tested methods and processes. IronRooster is eager to share its knowledge and experience in developing digital health applications with you.

Take Your Time

The software development process doesn’t happen overnight. There are no shortcuts in medtech – you need to go through all of the steps if you want your solution to serve its intended purpose. You may think that you can skip some of the more tedious planning or administrative steps, but if you resist such temptations and remain focused, your hard work will pay off.

Be Agile 

Agility is not just a fancy buzzword. Pivoting is part of the game, and your application will constantly evolve during the development process. Once you have your product design and MVP ready, you can focus on one thing at a time. For our client DentaLive, we worked in two-week sprints and focused on a single part of the solution. This way, our client was able to work on other aspects and make the necessary adjustments, enabling us to move on swiftly to the next sprint.


Constant communication is key in agile methodology. This is particularly true for digital health solutions. Healthcare is not something to be taken lightly, and all parties need to recognize the magnitude of the risks involved. It is imperative for both the client and the development team to maintain the communication flow and discuss all aspects of the project in an open environment. IronRooster’s dedicated project managers act as a vital liaison between the client and the development team fostering collaboration. 


In the case of healthcare applications, a substantial part of the overall process is obtaining regulatory clearance (510k in the U.S. or the CE mark in Europe). In order to adhere to U.S. FDA regulations, you need to have all the documentation in order, and be able to present all supporting data. IronRooster has 15 years of experience in managing regulatory processes which we can leverage for our clients.

If you have any questions about digital health apps and how we can help you propel your healthcare app to the summit, get in touch with us today!