Fast, cheap, and easy. These three words are some of the most common adjectives used with the word “solution”.

Whether you’re referring to the automotive industry, agriculture, or even the IT sector, companies tend to seek solutions that require the least amount of money and effort to implement. Most of these solutions fall into the “pre-packaged”, straight out-of-the-box category. However, when you consider the big picture and long-term return on investment, there may be a better way. Let’s look at the differences between pre-packaged and custom solutions that IT companies can integrate into their processes.  

Pre-packaged Solutions 

Many IT companies focus on pre-packaged solutions for several reasons. First and foremost, they almost always tick those three boxes of fast, cheap, and easy. If you have a product you can implement without needing any time for customization, you can collect many satisfied customers very quickly. Software in this category appears to have everything a user could need already built right into the box. However, solutions like this are very rigid, and by their very nature opportunities to optimize are limited. 

Custom Solutions

Custom software comes into play when optimization is essential. While seemingly not as fast, cheap, or easy to be one-and-done with, it’s the “custom” part that gives this solution its strongest selling point. Custom software is specifically designed to fit a client’s particular needs. These solutions are carefully developed with the client’s cooperation to ensure maximum applicability, effectiveness, and an optimal balance between usability and functionality. 

When should you opt for a custom software solution?

Here are a few basic questions that can help company managers decide if a custom software solution is needed: 

  • Do you have processes that are unique to your company?
  • Do you have specific production management methods?
  • Do you have a large team of professionals that rely on your software on a daily basis?
  • Are you having trouble finding a pre-packaged solution that fits all your needs?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, a custom software solution is almost certainly an ideal fit or you. 

How IronRooster can help optimize company production 

At IronRooster, we have a documented, well-established process for developing custom software. Our process goes far beyond the development itself – we make it a priority to work closely with the client from planning all the way through development, testing, and support. 

When one client approached us to address a production management issue at their factory, our team started by conducting a thorough review of all use cases. The client had initially had a specific software solution in mind, but after discussing with the IronRooster team about our findings we were able to come up with a more suitable custom software solution. Our custom solution directly addressed the client’s specific issue in a simple, straightforward manner, ultimately saving them a significant amount of time and money. 

Get in touch with us today if you think your company is in need of a custom software solution – we’d love to guide you through the process!