IronRooster’s 17 years of experience in medical technology is not something that many companies achieve indeed. Our long track record is characterized by hard work, dedication, development, failures, and successes.

It is difficult to imagine that IronRooster once went through the same growing pains that most startups contend with. To acquire the knowledge necessary to provide clients with superior service in the industry, companies must progress slowly to learn what works and what does not.

Having successfully completed this process, IronRooster is now committed to guiding startups from ideas to implementation, which means that our main goal is to achieve similar success in their own ventures. It is this commitment that led us to join Medical Alley where we hope to identify opportunities to work with startups and share ideas with our peers in the healthtech industry.

What is Medical Alley?

Medical Alley is a Minnesota-based association that connects over 1000 healthtech companies. It is the birthplace of implantable medical technology, collaborative care delivery and innovative health plan models indeed. The Smithsonian has recognized six “Great Places of Invention” in the U.S., including only one for healthcare, Medical Alley.

Allies in medical technology

“A belief in paying our success forward has guided us since the earliest days of our company. As co-founder and CEO of IronRooster, I am excited at the opportunity to both share our knowledge and experience with other members. We also want to learn from them as we strive to make great products and improve and save lives.”

Andor Farkas, co-founder and CEO, IronRooster

As new members of Medical Alley, Iron Rooster aims to help its peers learn from and build on our knowledge and experience. Furthermore we look forward to the many opportunities the association provides for a better future. We look forward to cooperating with startups and helping them transform their ideas into polished products. The early stages of a new company are defining for their future. As was previously stated, our goal is to mentor and guide such companies to the most successful future possible. We look forward to bringing our medical technology experience, innovative solutions, and customer-centric approach to the Medical Alley.