Smart Peak Flow – Case Study

Patients can keep track of their peak flow so they can manage their conditions decent. Smart Peak Flow and its custom application Smart Asthma enables users to do it in a quick and convenient manner. 

What Iron Rooster Does?

With over 17 years of experience in custom software development, Iron Rooster boasts an impressive portfolio of successful projects. With a staff who are well-versed in all technology, Iron Rooster has the means to cater to all client needs. The combination of established processes and a client-centered approach makes Iron Rooster an ideal partner for custom software solutions.

The Beginnings 

Smart Peak Flow had already worked with a developer to create a software prototype for their inhale hardware. They knew that certain modifications and implementations are necessary for the most optimal results. Therefore they started looking for a custom software development company and found Iron Rooster. Iron Rooster’s Production Design Team gave the application a new look for the best possible user experience and functionality. We had a great development team- consisting of some of the best minds in the IT field. They created solutions for patient onboarding, instructions, and data management. To enhance user experience, we implemented daily quotes and reward badges. 

One of the main goals was to obtain the CE mark by the end of the first phase. In order to adhere to regulations, peak flow measurements had to reach a specific, required accuracy. Iron Rooster’s dedicated team of 8-10 developers worked on the project for a total of 4,100 hours until August 2018. At this point we successfully obtained the CE mark.

Complex solutions for a unique application – Smart Asthma application

Working on the development of a unique technology like this requires a special mindset and flexibility. Iron Rooster has always been proud of its agile approach, so keeping a continuous improvement mindset was one of our strongest assets throughout the entire project. After the first phase we needed to fine-tune the technology. One of the key focus areas was managing the changing lighting conditions. As the hardware measures the changes in frequency of the light passing through, the environment in which the device was used highly effected signal quality and audio wavelength. Natural light produced the best results, but different artificial lights, LEDs, neon lights had different intensities and frequencies which interfered with the hardware’s measurements. As a result, Iron Rooster’s signal specialist was involved to find a way to filter out these interferences. Overcoming this challenge was a significant victory for the project’s life. 

One of the most significant updates, which came from Smart Peak Flow was the Bluetooth integration. We were happy that we could help them with the implementation of this funciton. Another game-changer was the AI feature which is a brand new feature. Based on stored data from a set number of consecutive daily measurements and user-inputted data, the AI function can make a prediction about the patient’s status for the following day. Given the importance of this feature, ongoing improvements to this predictive feature is critical. Since August 2018, Iron Rooster’s team of 5-6 developers has logged 10,000 hours of Smart Peak Flow projects. Since its inception, Smart Peak Flow has been marketed in 25 countries. To help promote this unique technology, Smart Peak Flow and Iron Rooster’s Hungarian brand, Synthesis-Net attended at CeBIT trade fair in Hannover. 

We care for a better healthcare – today and tomorrow

Smart Peak Flow’s newly renamed Smart Asthma application has 10,000 users and that number is showing steady growth. As a result, the client has several exciting ventures in the pipeline. One of them is Doctor Console, which helps to facilitate communication between doctors and their patients. While it is already available, the client is making continuous updates to ensure that all features are designed to best serve physicians and patients using direct feedback from doctors. In order to enhance user experience even more, Iron Rooster is constantly tracking user behavior and use that data to improve the user interface and application functions.  

The success of Smart Peak Flow and Smart Asthma demonstrate the value of technology, and thus we are exploring other options where this technology could be utilized.

Saving a life 

Working in medical technology, one does not always recognize the importance of their roles in helping to improve people’s lives. However, there are times when the magnitude of what they are involved in becomes clear. This happened to Iron Rooster, when a patient reported that using Smart Peak Flow saved their life. The Smart Peak Flow device alerted that patient to a risk of low oxygen saturation and it prompted them to go see their doctor immediately – a decision that might have saved their life as they needed immediate care.  

As a strong advocate of healthcare advancement, Iron Rooster is grateful to play a small but significant role in bringing about a better future in healthcare. 

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