The team

  • 1 Peoject Manager
  • 1 Technical Lead
  • 1 Testing Lead
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 RA/QA Specialist
  • 3 Frontend Developers
  • 7 Backend Developers
  • 5 Testers


Planning and analysis
Project Management
Software development
Software testing


  • AngularJS
  • JSP pages
  • Spring
  • Bamboo, Stash
  • Git
  • Selenium
  • Oracle
  • JasperReports

ElDorado Donor 4 is an FDA approved modular blood bank management system that allows blood bankers to facilitate the complete traceability of blood products from the moment of donation, through the various blood tests and storage of blood until delivering the products to hospitals. This solution is also equipped with a configurable safety-critical subsystem that ensures that the blood products comply with industry standards as well as hospital needs. With the help of this system the amount of administration for employees can be significantly reduced, and by using its reporting Business Intelligence module and real-time dashboards the work of organizing onsite donations, following up on the daily amount of processing and inventory handling made much easier for management.
We played a significant role in analyzing requirements, defining the scope of development, preparing the specifications as well as managing the development process. In addition to planning and development, we used a separate team to conduct mostly manual testing of the solution. Our experts helped manage the process for FDA 510(k) clearance including defining and preparing the documentation for submission.
The development was conducted in close collaboration with both our client and the end-user (Red Cross of Hong Kong). With their assistance, we developed interactive wireframes to obtain feedback and guidance for the development. Subsequently, we used this input to flesh-out the User Interfaces and workflows. We presented our developments on a bi-weekly basis to both the client and the end-user. Three months before finalizing the release, we installed a complete pre-release at our client’s facilities so that they would have sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the system and prepare for the validation phase and implementation. We visited both our client and the end-user on several occasions to present the product to their upper management and future users.