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Many clinicians have to make critical blood therapy decisions based on the limited snapshots provided by traditional tests. These simply incapable to provide them with the timely, relevant and comprehensive results they need. Effective hemostasis management requires that physicians have the most complete information to make decisions on how to best maintain and/or restore a patient’s coagulation equilibrium. With the TEG® Hemostasis Analyzer System you can help predict and manage coagulopathy.

TEG 6s – Hemostasis Analyzer

The TEG 6s system provides rapid, comprehensive and accurate identification of an individual’s hemostasis condition in a laboratory or point-of-care setting. Featuring an innovative, all-in-one cartridge, the TEG 6s delivers the same quality test results without the complicated test preparation process. TEG 6s allows clinicians to drive personalized, clinically and economically sound treatment and monitoring decisions with confidence.

It helps assess the risk for re-operation, and realize cost savings through the reduction of unnecessary blood component transfusions. Our company is involved in the validation testing of the device and its connected applications. We perform the testing in our internal device testing lab.